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DataCircle is a young company in Berlin. It is a tech based company that enables users to exchange data in a friendly and easy manner.
Ever growing and ever more interesting we are looking for more people to join our team.
Check our openings and do not hesitate to contact us, with a short description of yourself, your CV and why you are interested in DataCircle.

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Current Openings

💼Sales Manager (f/m)

Berlin, On-site, Equity

As Sales Manager you are greatly and directly involved in DataCircle's growth. You are responsible for finding new working partners and establishing an effective sales strategy as part of our Data Asset Management Program. Enabling DataCircle to become a leading brand in the b2b data asset sale.

  • - Proven working experience in b2b sales.
  • - Brief but substantial knowledge of corporate know-how in terms of Data.
  • - A Genuine interest in cultivating customer relationships.
  • - English is a must, German is a big plus.

🐱‍👤 Engineer (DevOps) (f/m)

Berlin, On-site, Equity

We are looking for an engineer to join our team with a long term focus towards DevOps and OpsSec. We are working with (and would like to work with) Azure, Terraform, CI pipelines, Hangfire and many more. The project is quite open and would provide you with the chance to start from our Deployment process to our Secure key storage.

  • - Proven working experience in enterprise environment.
  • - Understanding of web application security principles.
  • - Agnostic in terms of stack. (Working experience with Azure is a plus!)
  • - English is a must.

💻Developer (f/m)

Berlin, On-site, Equity

We are looking for a web developer to join our team with a focus on both Backend and Frontend. Our stack is very minimal with great room for improvement, new ideas and more systems to come. The role involves work on the FrontEnd (front facing web site plus Dashboard) and Backend work to support all the functionality.

  • - Proven working experience in either FrontEnd/BackEnd or both.
  • - Excellent understanding of web application principles, API communication, protocols etc.
  • - Agnostic in terms of stack. (Working experience with Razor is a plus!)
  • - English is a must.

🚀Marketing Manager/Growth (f/m)

Berlin, On-site, Equity

Devise, manage, and implement overarching user acquisition and activation strategy. (together with Sales) Identify and target channels to drive users to our platform. Communicate regularly and effectively with an audience of creators and influencers. Collect and present feedback from the community and content partners to management and the Product team.

  • - Proven working experience in B2B/B2C marketing.
  • - Interest in Data, Open Data, Data Exchange, Data Exchange Platforms.
  • - Experience in Marketplaces is a big plus.
  • - English is a must.

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⭐ Popular Datasets ⭐

Crypto Currencies Historic Data

Historic price data for over 1000 coins ranging from 2013 till 2017. Column definition: date open high low close volume market coin

11,076 hand images of 190 subjects

Welcome to the 11k Hands dataset, a collection of 11,076 hand images (1600 x 1200 pixels) of 190 subjects, of varying ages between 18 - 75 years old. Each subject was asked to open and close his fingers of the right and left hands. Each hand was photographed from both dorsal and palmar sides with a uniform white background and placed approximately in the same distance from the camera. There is a record of metadata associated with each image which includes: (1) the subject ID, (2) gender, (3) age, (4) skin color, and (5) a set of information of the captured hand, i.e. right- or left-hand, hand side (dorsal or palmar), and logical indicators referring to whether the hand image contains accessories, nail polish, or irregularities. The proposed dataset has a large number of hand images with more detailed metadata. The dataset is FREE for reasonable academic fair use.

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